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Historical Romance

Love’s Delicate Blossom (Peaches and Dreams Book 3)

by Ada Brownell

Edmund Pritchett III wants to marry Ritah Irene O’Casey, but she says wait. The beautiful redhead stands between Henry Hunter and Tulip, the orphan girl he kidnapped to work in his brothel, and he’s not giving up. Excited about being one of the few women to go to college in 1917, Ritah hopes to become a teacher who can enable widows to keep and care for their children instead of putting them in an orphanage, or giving them up for adoption. She also wants to teach mothers about prevention and treatment of disease, in an era when few have access to a doctor. She ends up fighting for the lives of injured soldiers in an Army health clinic, and finds her own life affected by illness and sorrow. When Ritah takes a teaching job, a handsome farmer edges his way into her heart. But Edmund Pritchett III isn’t giving up, and neither is Henry Hunter, who suddenly seems to have plenty of money to build his house of ill repute. Will Rita be able to continue to fight for women and families, decide on the man she loves, and defend herself and her students when Henry Hunter bursts into the school shooting a pistol?

(Novel length)

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