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Contemporary Romance

When Love Won’t Wait

by Roger E. Bruner

Thirty-two-year-old Dan Updike loves doing biblical research and writing brilliant sermons. Preaching them is something else; he’s a terrible public speaker. Although Dan believes God has never wanted him in the ministry, his overbearing mother makes change seem impossible.

Dan is uncontrollably impetuous. When a video of his impulsiveness at its worst goes viral on the Internet, it attracts the attention of respected security consultant Katie Campbell. After months of enjoying a fairy-tale Skype romance, they plan to meet in person in Las Vegas to further their relationship. Sweet!

But Dan’s mother is trying to set him up with Charlene Van Kirkland, an old college girlfriend whose futile attempts to win his heart again drive him further and further away. Charlene isn’t giving up.

Two women in love with the same man can’t spell anything but trouble. Especially when they meet in Las Vegas.

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