Author FAQ

Please be sure to read our submission guidelines too.

  1. Email days: We will send deal alert emails Monday – Saturday, and not on Sunday.
  2. Deal Pricing: Readers definitely prefer a discount over regular pricing, so when space in the newsletters gets tight, books with a discount price will be preferred over those that are priced at regular (even low, but not discount) price. Pricing in special programs such as Kindle Unlimited does not qualify for a book feature: your book deal price must be available to all customers. We strongly encourage authors to deeply discount their books, but it isn’t a strict requirement at this time. We do, however, expect the book to be a “deal”, meaning it will not be priced higher than $2.99.
  3. Manually changing the Amazon Kindle price: see our step-by-step instruction page.
  4. How do I submit a book for consideration? Go to our Submit A Book page.
  5. Where do I find advertising prices? See our Advertisers page.
  6. How do I pay for an book feature? Once your feature request has been accepted and scheduled for a date, you will be sent a PayPal invoice from our legal name eKnowSys, Inc. If you use a credit card to pay the PayPal invoice, your credit card statement will read CBHEAVEN or CBOOKHEAVEN. The Paypal invoice must clear at least 24 hours before the feature is scheduled to run, so if you pay by electronic check you will need to allow time for that to clear (usually at least 3-7 days).   Contact if you have questions or problems with your invoice.
  7. Price Changes in Advance of a Featured Deal: After your book has been accepted for a featured deal with Christian Book Heaven, please ensure your book price is changed on all retailers by 11 PM (Eastern) the night before your deal. Failure to have the deal price in place by that time will result in forfeiture of your ad space and payment.
  8. Content Ratings: In order to help readers better evaluate books, we ask authors to rate their books in four categories: language, sexual heat, violence, and substance use. There are three levels for each of these categories. Please carefully read the Reader’s FAQ for these ratings.
  9. What if my fiction doesn’t seem to fit into any of the listed genres? Readers generally have strong preferences for genres they like and dislike. So fiction that doesn’t fit well into reader expectations for a genre will likely have less response. Pick the genre that most closely fits your writing. If you want our opinion on what genre to pick, email us a link to your Amazon book page and we will take a look.
  10. Genre category: We reserve the right to change the genre category of a book you submit. We will inform you of the change BEFORE the feature is approved so that you have a chance to withdraw the request or to agree to the category change.
  11. Will you consider adding a new genre category? Yes, we will consider it, but we would need to see a clear reason why existing categories are not sufficient. Email us ( with your request, and tell us why you think we need a new category. Also provide at least three Amazon book page links to support your argument.
  12. Synopsis: We reserve the right to edit your book synopsis for grammar, punctuation, and to remove marketing language.
  13. Promotion: What do we do to promote your book feature? We may boost a post on Facebook, post in multiple Facebook groups, tweet, post on instagram, and we show that day’s deals to new subscribers.
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