Submission Guidelines

  1. Your book should be well-formatted, and your writing should be well-edited (grammar, typos, etc.).
  2. Available on at least one major ebook retailer in the United States. Amazon is required. Being on multiple platforms is even better. We do have international subscribers, so deal availability on Amazon CA, Amazon UK, Amazon AU, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and other platforms is wonderful.
  3. Your book must have the same price on all advertised retailer platforms on the day of your featured listing.
  4. We won’t currently consider any book that is priced at more than $2.99 on the day it is featured. Hint: deep discounts and free books are always more attractive to readers, though we are actively trying to educate readers on authors deserving to be paid for their work. New releases (released in the 30 days prior to being featured) are the only exception… they can be priced up to $3.99 (but again, a discount price will always be more attractive to readers).
  5. A particular book will not be showcased more often than once every three months, and will appear in only one genre for that showcase.
  6. A particular author will not be showcased more often than every 14 days (except boxed sets / anthologies).
  7. We prefer book submissions that will be discounted from regular price for the promotion listing.
  8. Perma-free content is gladly accepted.
  9. Pre-Order Listing Policy: Promoters who have a positive track record with Christian Book Heaven are welcome to request a deal for a book that is on pre-order. (A positive track record requires a minimum of three previous ads that were paid for promptly and the book was on sale in time for the featured deal email.) To request a deal for a pre-order, the book must become available no more than three weeks after the requested deal date. If we run a pre-order deal and the book does not release on the scheduled day, the promoter will no longer be eligible for pre-order deal ads at Christian Book Heaven.
  10. Content types accepted currently:
    1. Full-length novels (at least 40,000 words)
    2. Novellas (at least 20,000 words)
    3. Short stories (at least 7,500 words)
    4. Boxed-sets or anthologies containing at least three novels or novellas or short stories


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